Grieving While Pregnant

honor you, honor baby, honor your loss

Grieving While Pregnant: Free Workshop

Is there a way to experience the joys of pregnancy while mourning the death of someone close to you?

Can you celebrate these moments when someone close to you has been diagnosed with a terminal illness?

This free workshop allows you to come together with other mothers who are walking the same journey with you. You will be surrounded by a tribe of women who understand what it is like to carry both joy and pain. Share your experience, while learning about grief and ways to cope with living in these two worlds.

Honor yourself, honor your baby and honor your loss.


  • Allowing yourself to grieve

  • Self care

  • How to honor your loss

  • How to build connection between your baby and your loved one even after they are gone

Pregnant and honoring loss with flower

Grieving While Pregnant: Free Workshop

Resilient Birth

7:00pm -9:00 pm Thursday April 18

Location: Cobblestones
85 River Street Ste 9 2nd Floor
Waltham, MA 02453