Mothering Through Grieving

Honor Yourself, Honor Your Baby, Honor You Loss

There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.
— Leonard Cohen

Pregnant While Grieving

Is there a way to experience the joys of pregnancy while mourning the death of someone close to you? Can you be present in the day to day moments with your little one when carrying grief?

When you find out that you are becoming a mother, something shifts inside. You begin to paint a picture of the future that you envision for your child. These visions include the relationships in our lives.

When you thought of your pregnancy and parenting journey, grief was probably not a part of the plan. Both positive and negative relationships leave a lasting impact. You may be grieving that this person will never hold your baby, see them walk, or get their first tooth. They won’t be there to share with you words of wisdom. Or you may be grieving the relationship you never had and that feels unable to be repaired.

This group invites you to walk along with other mothers as you learn to honor yourself, your baby and your loss. It will be a safe space to share your grief and its impact.

Whether you are pregnant or postpartum, find a supportive community that promotes healing and helps you grow even through grief.

Mothering Through Grief TOPICS INCLUDE:

  • Allowing yourself to grieve

  • Different types of grief

  • Grief’s impact on our relationships

  • Learn how to carry both joy and despair

  • Self Care

  • Creating a legacy for your child before and after birth


Mothering Through Grieving (4 weeks)

Resilient Birth

$75 for 4 weeks

9:30-10:30 March 27, April 3, 10, 17

Location: Temple Emanuel of Newton
385 Ward Street
Newton, MA 02459