Birth Support Planning


Create more that a birth plan

Does your Birth Plan feel as though it is missing something?

If you have experienced abuse, sexual violence, loss, or birth trauma you may feel a lot of anxiety about giving birth

A key question to ask yourself is not just what kind of birth do you want? But also what kind of support do you need?


Birth Support Planning

Create a plan with your birth team so that you can advocate for what you need to feel confident and safe during childbirth


I’m Dr Justine Leach, BACE certified childbirth educator

I’m a mother of two gorgeous boys, survivor, and co-founder of Resilient Birth. After years as an academic working on issues of consent and sexual violence, I left academia in order to support trauma survivors on their journey to becoming mothers


What is birth Support planning after trauma?

A generic birth plan will not address the unique challenges you face as a someone who has experienced trauma, loss, or other life challenges

A Birth Support Plan outlines specific coping strategies for any triggers that may occur during childbirth and sets out the essential information your birth team needs to know so that you feel safe, supported and in control - whether your birth goes to plan or not.

Does this mean that you have to disclose your history on your Birth support plan?

No - what you disclose in your Birth Support Plan is up to you

$180 per 2 hour session

a sliding scale is available; just contact for more information