Resilient Birth owner and mother Justine Leach Ph.D. five days postpartum with her newborn baby

Meet Justine

The birth of my two children profoundly changed my life as I realized the impact of our life experiences on how we feel during pregnancy, birth, and beyond. After completing my Ph.D. in representations of sexual consent and trauma, I left academia to train as a childbirth educator and cofounded of Resilient Birth, a trauma-informed childbirth education and parenting support organization in Waltham. This career change may seem like a dramatic shift in direction, but I find myself following a path that ties together my professional and my personal life. This work unites my expertise as an academic, my experience as a teacher, and my knowledge of the profound changes and challenges of parenthood. I know that every birth is unique, every is journey different. Some are straightforward, some are full of obstacles. Some leave us raw, some leave us triumphant. Each brings a soul into the world, each transforms the world of a parent. Whatever the path, I want to help you begin life with your newborn knowing your own power, making informed decisions, and trusting your parenting abilities.

Resilient Birth owner and trauma counselor Sarah Adelmann M.A. M.Ed. holding a newborn baby as a new mother

Meet Sarah

Supporting and advocating for families and children has always been a passion for Sarah. She began her career in education; working as an elementary school special education teacher. Witnessing first hand the impact of life stressors on her students' emotional well being lead her to pursue her masters in Counseling Psychology from Boston College. With  her certification in Traumatic Stress Studies through the Justice Resource Institute, Sarah specializes in grief and trauma.  Sarah is currently pursuing her certification as a postpartum doula through DONA International. Co-founding Resilient Birth is a wonderful way to honor her journey into motherhood, while incorporating her educational, counseling background. As a mother of two, Sarah is passionate about supporting families on their own unique journeys. 


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