To the mom trying to heal from what she wont discuss

Conceiving, growing, birthing, and raising tiny humans can be a difficult journey. One can often feel isolated and alone, walking around everyday holding stories inside, putting on a mask for the world. To the person holding another negative test in their hand. To the person who found out the gender is different than what they had hoped. To the person whose birth didn’t go as planned. To the person crying in the car with your little one’s in the back. You are not alone, I see you, I am listening, I am walking beside you. You will know this in my smile. In the nod I give you at the store. In my gesture of picking up something dropped on the floor. I am here with you.

I ask this of all of you. To make a promise to one another to look out for these moments. To be that support for one another. To be a little kinder to one another than is necessary. These simple gestures will bring us together: we will not be alone, we will be one. #wewillbeone#resilientbirth#momtribe


Sarah Adelmann