My Mother's Advice

I was pregnant with my first when my mother told me, “When you have a newborn, you are all they know - you are their world. Newborns only begin to know the world beyond you through you. This gives you enormous power, because if you can slow your breathing and calm your body, you can calm theirs. And even if your baby remains distressed, you can help them by showing that you, their world, will not fall apart even if you can't seem to fix their crying. Also, even if you are falling apart, as you will be at times, you can still help your baby by explaining to them what is going on with you and with themselves in that moment. They may not understand, but by talking to your newborn in this way, you help shift something in yourself, in their world, that lets them know that it will still be ok."

I have used this advice throughout my parenting journey - even now as my babies’ worlds are expanding beyond me. What was the best advice given to you when you were pregnant?